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Welcome to my thoughts and poetry space!

I am Nicole. I am a woman in my 40s that has always enjoyed writing. I write poetry and blog posts mainly about the world around me, things I don’t understand, and I write to process emotions. I dislike hugs. I am into mental health and self acceptance. I have a dog that never comes in the house when called. I have a husband and 2 teenage daughters. I have a teenage cat that is grumpy and a wild boi cat that has not gotten the memo that he is no longer a kitten. The daughters getting older is how I finally found time to get the stuff in my head onto paper and online.

From the blog

About Me

I am finally becoming comfortable in my skin just as I am. I write about anything that comes into my brain and nestles. Mainly I write poetry, blog life adventures about my family, and mental health notes. I live with anxiety and depression, sometimes I suffer with them, sometimes I fall into the depths of them, other times they just join me wherever life takes me. My family is my absolute favorite thing. My bed is my favorite place, closely followed by Walt Disney World.

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