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She did it.

She’s graduated. Thanks to everyone reading that has followed my series of breakdowns for the entirety of senior year. I only sobbed when she walked across the stage, but let’s be honest, I cried a myriad of times leading up to this.  I am incredibly proud of her and all of her accomplishments this farContinue reading “She did it.”

The Last Letter in the Box

When my girls were babies I made them each a scrapbook for their 1st year. Inside I did a monthly letter. Each month I lamented at how fast the time had gone by (the irony). After the first year, I had a “baby box.” I would occasionally write the girls letters and shove them inContinue reading “The Last Letter in the Box”


Peace, love, acceptance for everyone Realization of deserved Human Rights Individuality allowed Differences acknowledged and celebrated Emerging, ready to be who they are Harboring ill will due to differences Attacking others for not sharing your same beliefs Taking rights away with undeserved power Empty in all the places love should exist -Nicole Smith, Momoetry

Final Countdowns

Friday is graduation. Friday is graduation.  Let that sink in. My sister is full of disbelief and is worried she will cry. The thing is, I don’t know what or when I will cry. Right now, as I am writing, it is Monday morning. I am writing poetry and crying in the dining room whileContinue reading “Final Countdowns”

I get so emotional

This song came on the radio and I thought, how perfect. This is the theme song of my life right now. Pammy is graduating. Fighter is applying for summer jobs and wants to take her permit test. In my head I am a jumbled up mess, but I keep putting one foot in front ofContinue reading “I get so emotional”

Sometimes my anxiety and depression…

Sometimes my anxiety and depression Team up My anxiety reminds me of all the things I could be doing, I should be doing, if I was better I would have already done My depression reaffirms how useless I am The depression feeds off my insecurity The anxiety feeds off of my feelings of inadequacy TheyContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety and depression…”

The Last Day

The last day The first day was something I dreaded I am terrible at letting go Watching you climb the bus steps I smiled and put on a calm show Now the last day is here I dread it in a different way Because once you come home Nothing will be quite the same TheContinue reading “The Last Day”

Sometimes my anxiety…

 Sometimes my anxiety  Likes me to wear a mask  The mask is painstakingly normal  It screams “I am totally fine”  While I feel dizzy  My legs feel weak  My stomach feels nervous  I am pleading with myself  Just keep it together  Just keep it together  Until I am alone  Then I let myself  Fall apartContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety…”