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January Recap

 It’s the last day of January. January always feels like an eternity. I want to do a self check-in.  This past month I posted daily. I have managed to post every day since November 1st. Consistency. I did some of the WordPress bloganuary daily prompts that I found interesting. I also have been doing someContinue reading “January Recap”

Bloganuary Prompt Day 24

How do you show love? I love this question. I love love.  I show love everyday. I’d say that I show love mostly in small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.  It’s a text checking in, sharing a meme or Tik Tok, it’s mailing out happy mail, it’s putting a note in my daughters’ lunch boxes,Continue reading “Bloganuary Prompt Day 24”

Bloganuary Prompt Day 21

Who is your favorite author and why?  This is an impossible question. I love many authors. I love Jodi Picoult and her ability to write about hard things. I love the classic Nicholas Sparks romance. I still remember reading The Notebook right after my first heartbreak. I stayed up all night sobbing, having to knowContinue reading “Bloganuary Prompt Day 21”

Bloganuary Day 15

What fear have you conquered?  For years I tried my hardest To feel like I belonged No matter how I changed myself I never fit, I felt wrong.  As everything unraveled I desperately tried to fit in I wanted to be “normal” I dreamed of being thin If there were less of me I’d beContinue reading “Bloganuary Day 15”

Bloganuary-Day 11

How do you define success? I don’t think success is rated in outdated concepts. I do not believe success is a reflection of your house or car. In high school success was rated by your flawless skin, name brand shoes, where you bought your clothes from. You can own a yacht and not be successfulContinue reading “Bloganuary-Day 11”

Bloganuary-Day 6

Why do I write? I have always been a writer. Writing is how I process the world around me. It is how I try to make sense of what is happening outside in the world and inside my head.  I have depression and anxiety. I have traumas I need to heal from. I have newsContinue reading “Bloganuary-Day 6”

Bloganuary-Day 2

Day 2 question: How are you brave? I am brave because I do hard things. I don’t take the easy road. I put my emotions out there and let people know I care about them. I show people my healing wounds and scars so they feel less alone, even if I feel uncomfortable doing so.Continue reading “Bloganuary-Day 2”

Bloganuary-Day 1

WordPress is hosting a Bloganuary challenge to motivate writers to write in the new year. I do not know if I will participate daily, but I thought I would give it a try today. What is something you want to achieve this year? This year I want to keep healing and growing in therapy. IContinue reading “Bloganuary-Day 1”