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Space Dinosaurs

Ray left on the history channel and fell asleep last night. There was a show with an episode about apocalypse, extinction level events, etc. Technically I don’t think this should be on the history channel, but the “future” channel, but they don’t ask my opinion on their programming. One “expert” was explaining why the dinosaursContinue reading “Space Dinosaurs”

January Recap

 It’s the last day of January. January always feels like an eternity. I want to do a self check-in.  This past month I posted daily. I have managed to post every day since November 1st. Consistency. I did some of the WordPress bloganuary daily prompts that I found interesting. I also have been doing someContinue reading “January Recap”

Word of the Day Challenge-Blinding

Being loved for the first time in so long Forced you to ignore the signs They were blood red, bright, blinding He was quick to anger The smallest things caused frightening rages You put those blinders on Making excuses, making yourself smaller,  Making apologies to him over nothing You craved attention, to be desired, toContinue reading “Word of the Day Challenge-Blinding”