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Peace, love, acceptance for everyone Realization of deserved Human Rights Individuality allowed Differences acknowledged and celebrated Emerging, ready to be who they are Harboring ill will due to differences Attacking others for not sharing your same beliefs Taking rights away with undeserved power Empty in all the places love should exist -Nicole Smith, Momoetry

Sometimes my anxiety and depression…

Sometimes my anxiety and depression Team up My anxiety reminds me of all the things I could be doing, I should be doing, if I was better I would have already done My depression reaffirms how useless I am The depression feeds off my insecurity The anxiety feeds off of my feelings of inadequacy TheyContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety and depression…”

The Last Day

The last day The first day was something I dreaded I am terrible at letting go Watching you climb the bus steps I smiled and put on a calm show Now the last day is here I dread it in a different way Because once you come home Nothing will be quite the same TheContinue reading “The Last Day”

Sometimes my anxiety…

 Sometimes my anxiety  Likes me to wear a mask  The mask is painstakingly normal  It screams “I am totally fine”  While I feel dizzy  My legs feel weak  My stomach feels nervous  I am pleading with myself  Just keep it together  Just keep it together  Until I am alone  Then I let myself  Fall apartContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety…”

Sometimes my anxiety…

Sometimes my anxiety Is a glaring red light in the night Illuminating the time Tracking the minutes Until my alarm urgently disrupts The limited sleep I will get My brain hates math But magically can deduce The  exact amount of time To the minute If I would fall asleep right now My eyes are gluedContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety…”

Moonwashed weekly prompt

She has always been easy going She was kind and generous She loves to laugh and always good-natured Then it snuck in, stealing bits and pieces Of the person we all loved Sometimes things came out harsher than intended Her feelings became hurt more easily She was quick to be frustrated Part of her knowsContinue reading “Moonwashed weekly prompt”

Sometimes my anxiety

Sometimes my anxiety Is like a tsunami It comes with little warning No time to prepare To find shelter The wave growing  more and more massive It breaks over me Destroying everything in its path I am kicking my feet to rise  To the surface It is so overwhelming I become disoriented Unsure which wayContinue reading “Sometimes my anxiety”


I wondered what I was missing For how easily you left Before we even got a chance To be properly introduced When I discovered the notion That I was worthless Your absence Convinced me You knew from conception That I wasn’t worth waiting to meet Why was leaving the basic idea of me Effortless forContinue reading “Absence”

Sometimes my depression…

Sometimes my depression Steals my bones  In the night I awaken  To find myself Unexpectedly a puddle Unable to manage the day ahead Unable to shower Unable to eat Or unable to stop eating Just a puddle congealing on the mattress Wondering why  My eyes keep opening How long can I  Keep feeling like thisContinue reading “Sometimes my depression…”