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National Poetry Month Musette

Just me Alone at last To breathe Me time Relax, unwind, Sublime Find peace Self acceptance Relief -Nicole Smith, Momoetry The Musette is 3 verses of 2 lines each with 2/4/2 syllables and the first and third line rhyming. I found this through Eugenia’s awesome poetry guide which is here!

National Poetry Month Tanka

My head is stuffed With old outdated beliefs Deprogramming me Takes time, work, dedication I am worth all this effort -Nicole Smith, Momoetry Many of these forms of poetry are brand new to me. I found the types, form, and instructions from fellow WordPress poets such as David, Eugenia, and Bridgette. Tanka: Line 1: 5Continue reading “National Poetry Month Tanka”

Healing Through Words-Update on my journey with this book

I’m on exercise 8 in the Healing Through Words book by Rupi Kaur. Let me tell you, some of the things I am writing are so personal that I cannot share them. The exercises feel like….like I had a wound that was infected and it healed up, holding the pus and poison inside. The exercisesContinue reading “Healing Through Words-Update on my journey with this book”

January Recap

 It’s the last day of January. January always feels like an eternity. I want to do a self check-in.  This past month I posted daily. I have managed to post every day since November 1st. Consistency. I did some of the WordPress bloganuary daily prompts that I found interesting. I also have been doing someContinue reading “January Recap”

Current Self Care Check In

As a plus sized woman what does self love and self care look like for me on a daily basis?  Channeling my inner Elyse Myers, great question I’d be happy to tell you.  Right now, in this moment, I’m in a good place mentally. This makes taking care of myself and loving myself easier. I’mContinue reading “Current Self Care Check In”

Self Care

11/18/22 Why is doing things for me or spending money on me feel like such a selfish thing, even when it isn’t anything extravagant?  Two things I am doing for me; getting my haircut and colored and going to a vision board party. The guilt I feel is tremendous. It’s the holidays, money is tight,Continue reading “Self Care”